Journal of Wealth Management
& Financial Planning (JWMFP)
JWMFP Archive

Volume 4 Issue 2017

Original Research
Conventional Banking and Islamic Banking: Do the Different Philosophies Lead to Different Financial Outcomes?
Da Jia Qian & Sivakumar Velayutham
Deciding on Alternatives to Meet the Need for a Bigger House: Personal Financial Decision Making Using Analytic Hierarchy Process
Rabihah Md.Sum & Norlida Mahussin
Assessing Corporate Social Responsibility Activities on Customer Satisfaction: A Study on Commercial Banks in Bangladesh
Ershad Ali & S.M. Mahbubur Rahman
Self-Control: Influencing Physical and Financial Health Behaviours – An Exploratory Study
Kira M. Werstein, Amy S. WelCh & Tahira K. HirA
Rule of 72 Vs Rule of 78
Gunasegaran Munusamy
Choosing the Right Investment Products
Ameer Ali Vali Mohamed
The Intelligent Investor
Thechinamoorthy Subbiah Chettiar
Personal Finance Turning Money Into Wealth
Desmond Chong