Journal of Wealth Management
& Financial Planning (JWMFP)
JWMFP Archive

Volume 9 Issue 2022

Original Research
Dynamic Capabilities of Malaysia’s Retail Banking in Wealth Management Business Ecosystem
Lai Heow Gran
A Literature Review of the Relationship Between Social Support From Spouses, Marital Quality, and Women’s Financial Planning for Retirement
Michelle Chan Sze Yen & Wei Ying Chong
Understanding Malaysian Users’ Switching Intention to Mobile Payment
Tang Kin Leong, Pei Meng,Tan2 & Kok Eng, Tan, Mang Hee, Teo
Financial Planning as Catalyst for Poverty Eradication Among B40 in Malaysia
Azwan Abdullah, Muhammad Zulfaris Mohd Salleh, Mohd Zulkifli Muhammad & Adibah Alawiah Osman
Observations From the Covid-19 Pandemic
Aiza Yasmin Benyamin, Chin Xiao Wei, Daniel Nee, Kelvin Hii, Logenthiran Kanisan & Yu Yen Hong (Nelson)
Saving For Retirement: The Covid-19 Conundrum
Wei Ying Chong, Grace Swee Hoon Ling, Hartini Mohammad, Zakia Ahmed Mohamed Meshal
The Slave of Money: The Template of Financial Freedom
Ariel Chew
Critical Illness – Rainbow After The Storm- Stories of 3 Life Warriors
Nur Fayizah Binti Mohd Abdun Asser